A to Z List of Abbreviations & Acronyms Dictionary: Terms Used in Oil, Offshore, Drilling and Marine Industry


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Abbreviations & Acronyms - All (A to Z):

A&G = Administrative and General Expenses

AAQS = Ambient Air Quality Standards Continued below

ABF = Aquatic Base Flow

ABS = American Bureau of Shipping

AC = Alternating Current

ACA = Annual Charge Adjustment

ACHARR = Advisory Committee on Hydrocarbons Additional Recovery Research

ACHP = Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

ACRS = Accelerated Cost Recovery System

ADIT = Accumulated Deferred Income Taxes

AF = Arctic Floater

AFFF = Aqueous film-forming foam

Aframax tanker = tanker < 80,000 dwt (average freight rate assessment)

AI = artificial island

AIS = Automatic identification system

AL = Appraisal Licence

AMNI = Associate Member of the Nautical Institute

Amp = Ampere

AMVER = US Automated Mutual-Assistance Vessel Rescue

APCD = Air Pollution Control District

API = American Petroleum Institute

AQ = Air Quality

AQAP = Air Quality Attainment Plan

AQMD = Air Quality Management District

ARB = Air Resources Board

ARCS = Admiralty Raster Chart Service

ARPA = Automatic Radar Plotting Aids

ASBA = Association of Ship Brokers and Agents

ASRO = Australian Shipping Registration Office

ASV = Annular Safety Valve

Bbbl = Billion barrels

Bbl = Barrel(s) of oil

BC = Code of Safe Practice for Solid Bulk Cargoes

BCD = Barrels per Calendar Day

Bcf = Billion Cubic Feet

Bcfd = billion cubic feet per day

Bcfe = Billion Cubic Feet of gas Equivalent

BDI = Baltic Dry Index

BDV = Blow Down Valve

BFI = Baltic Freight Index

BHA = Bottom Hole Assembly (toolstring on coiled tubing or drill pipe)

BHP = Bottom Hole Pressure

BIMCO = Baltic and International Maritime Council

Bimcosale = The Bimco standard form of bill of sale

BMP’s = Best Management Practices

BO = Biological Opinion

BOD = Biological Oxygen Demand

BOE = Barrels of Oil Equivalent (bbls of oil equivalent)

BOE/BoE/boepd = Barrel of oil equivalent per day

BOEPD = Barrels of Oil Per Day Equivalent

BOP = Blowout Preventer

BOPD = Barrels Of Oil Per Day

BOPE = Barrels of Oil Per Day Equivalent

BOPM = Barrels of Oil Per Month

BOSIET = Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (includes Safety, Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting, First Aid and Hypothermia, Helicopter Safety and Escape, and Survival at Sea

BOSVA = British Offshore Support Vessel Owners Association

BPD = barrels per day

BPH = barrels per hour

BPI = Baltic Panamax Index

BPV - Back Pressure Valve

BR = Barge

BRINDEX = Association of British Independent Oil Exploration Companies

BROA = British Rig Owners Association

Brown Fields = Fields beyond their production plateau but still producing

BRS = Bulgarian Register of Shipping

BRT = Below Rotary Table

BS&W = Basic Sediment & Water

BTEX = Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, Xylene

BTI = British Trade International

BTU = British Thermal Unit

BV = Bureau Veritas

BWPD = Barrels of Water Per Day

C (cent.) = Centigrade

CAA = Clean Air Act

CAAA = Clean Air Act Amendments

CAAQS = California Air Quality Standards

CAD = computer assisted design

CAER = Community Awareness and Emergency Response

CAODC = Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors

CAP = Condition Assessment Program Survey

CAPEX = Capital Expenditure

CAPP = Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

CARB = California Air Resources Board

CATS = Central Area Transmission System

CBI = computer-based information

CBI = Confederation of British Industry

CBL = Cement Bond Log

CBM = Coalbed Methane

CBT = computer-based training

CCA = California Coastal Act

CCC = California Coastal Commission

CCC = Carrier container council

CCMP = California Coastal Management Program

CCP = Controllable Pitch Propeller

CCRS = China Corporation Register of Shipping

CCS = China Classification Society

CDA = Common Data Access

CEC = California Energy Commission

CEN = European Committee for Standardization

CENELEC = European Committee for Electro-technical Standardization

CEPA = Canadian Energy Pipeline Association

CES = coast earth station

CESMA = Confederation of European Union Shipmasters Associations

Cf = Compare

Cf = Cubic Feet

CFR = Code of Federal Regulations

Cfs = Cubic Feet per Second

CG = coast guard

CGBF = Concrete, Gravity Based Structure

CGT = Capital Gains Tax

CHP = Casing Hanger Pressure

CIRM = International radio maritime committee

CIT = Chartered Institute of Transport

Class = Category in classification register

CLC = International Convention on Civil Liability for Oil Pollution Damage

CLUP = Coastal Land Use Plan

CNG = Compressed Natural Gas

CO = Carbon Monoxide

CO2 = Carbon Dioxide

COA = contract of affreightment

Colreg - International Convention on Collision Regulations

COMP = California Offshore Monitoring Program

COOGER = California Offshore Oil and Gas Energy Resources

CoSWP = Code of Safe Working Practices For Merchant Seamen

COW = Crude oil washing

CPI = Consumer Price Index

CPS = Cycles Per Second

CPU = Cavern Point Unit

CRS = Croatian Register of Shipping

CSS = Code of Ship management Standards

CT = Coiled Tubing

CT = Compliant Tower

CT = Corporation Tax

CTCO = Coiled Tubing Clean Out

CTM = Coil Tubing Measurement

CTU = cargo transport unit

CUP = Conditional Use Permit

CWA = Clean Water Act

CZMA = Coastal Zone Management Act

D&C = Drilling and Completions

dBA = Decibles

DC = Direct Current

DCP = Driller's Control Panel

DEAL = Digital Energy Atlas & Library

DGPS = Differential Global Positioning System

DIS = Danish International Register of Shipping - Danish Maritime Authority

DIS = Draft international standard

DL = Development Licence

DLat = difference in latitude

DLong = difference in longitude

DMDO = Distillate Marine Diesel Oil

DNC = Digital Nautical Chart

DNV = Det Norske Veritas

DO = Dissolved Oxygen

DO = Division Order

DOC = document of compliance

DOE = US Department Of Energy

DOT = US Department of Transportation

DP = Dynamic Positioning

DPO = Dynamic Positioning Operator

DPP = Development and Production Plan

DR = Dead Reckoning

DR = Delay Rental

DS = Drillship

DSC = Dangerous Goods, Solid Cargoes and Containers

DSS = decision support system

DSV = Diving Support Vessel

DTI = UK Department of Trade and Industry

DWT = Deadweight tons

EA = Environmental Assessment

EC = European Community

EC = European Commission

ECDIS = Electronic Chart Display and Information System

ECGD = Exports Credits Guarantee Department

ECITB = Engineering Construction Industry Training Board

ECS = Electronic chart system

EEEGR = East of England Energy Group

EEZ = Exclusive economic zone

EHV = Extra High Voltage

EIA = Environmental Impact Assessment

EIR = Environmental Impact Report

EIS = Environmental Impact Statement

EL = Exploration Licence

EMF = Electro Magnetic Fields

EN = European Standard

ENC = electronic navigation chart

EOFL = End of Field Life

EOR = Enhanced oil recovery

EPA = Environmental Protection Act

EPFS = Electronic Position Fixing System

EPIRB = emergency position indicating radio beacon

EPS = IMO performance standard for ECDIS

ERD = Extended Reach Drilling

ERNS = Emergency Response Notification System

ESD = Emergency Shut Down

ESP = Electric Submersible Pump

ETA = estimated time of arrival

ETD = estimated time of departure

ETO = Electro-Technical Officer

ETSF = Electronic Trading Standard Format

ETSI = European Telecommunications

EU = European Union

FCC = fully cellular containership

FCO = financed, constructed and operated

FCO = Foreign and Commonwealth Office

FDP = Final Development Plan

FERC = Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

FIXED = Fixed Leg Platform

FMA = Finnish Maritime Administration, Finish Register of Ships

FNI = Fellow of The Nautical Institute

FO = fuel oil

FOIP = Freedom Of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

FONSI = Findings Of No Significant Impact

FPF = Floating Production Facility

FPS = feet per second

FPS = Floating production, storage

FPSO = Floating Production Storage and Offloading System

FR = Full Requirements

FRSB = Fast Response Spill Boat

FSA = formal safety assessment

FSRU = Floating Storage and Regasification Unit

FT = Flow Transmitter

Ft = Foot (feet)

FTC = US Federal Trade Commission

FTP = Flowing Tubing Plug

FWV = Flow Wing Valve

G/L = Gas/Liquid

Gal = Gallon

GAPP = Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

GBT = Gravity Base Tank

GHG = Greenhouse Gases

GIIP = Gas Initially In Place

GIS = Geographic Information System

GL = Germanischer Lloyd

GLM = Gas Lift Mandrel

Glonass = Global navigation satellite system

GLR = Gas Liquid Ratio

GLV = Gas Lift Valve

GMDSS = Global maritime distress and safety system

GMT = Greenwich Mean Time

GNOME = General NOAA Oil Modeling Environment

GOC = Gas Oil Contact

GOC = General operators' certificate with regard to GMDSS

GOM = Gulf of Mexico

GOR = Gas Oil Ratio

GPS = Global positioning system

GRP = Glass Reinforced Plastic

GRV = Gross Rock Volume

GT = gross tonnage

GT&C = General Terms and Conditions

GTL = Gas To Liquid

GTW = Gas To Wire

GUI = Graphical user interface

GW = Gigawatt

Gwh = Gigawatt-Hour

GWI = Gross Working Interest

H2S = Hydrogen Sulfide

HAP’s = Hazardous Air Pollutants

HARP = Hot Spots Analysis and Reporting Program

HARP = Hydrocarbons Additional Recovery Program

HAZMAT = Hazardous Materials Response Division of NOAA

HBL = Hydrostatic Balanced Loading

HBL = Hydrostatic Balanced Loading

HCA = Host Control Area

HCRF = Hydrographic Chart Raster Format

HEA = Habitat Equivalency Analysis

HEP = Habitat Evaluation Procedure

HGE = Harmonization Group on ECDIS

HHI = Hirschman Herfindahl Index

HHP = High holding power (anchors)

HKSR = Hong Kong Shipping Register

HLID = Hydrocarbon Leak and Ignition Database

HLO = Helicopter Landing Officer

HMG = Her Majesty’s Government (UK)

HMT = Her Majesty’s Treasury (UK)

HNS = Convention on the Carriage of Noxious and Hazardous Substances by Sea

HO = Hydrographic Office

HP = high pressure

HP = Horsepower

HPHT = High Pressure High Temperature

HQI = Habitat Quality Index

HSC = Health & Safety Commission

HSC = International Code of Safety for High-Speed Craft

HSE = Health, Safety and Environment

HSWA = Health and Safety at Work Act

HUET = Helicopter Underwater Escape Training

HVDC = High Voltage Direct Current

HVI = High Viscosity Index

Hz = Hertz (cycles per second)

I:P = Injector To Producer Ratio

IACS = International Association of Classification Societies

IADC = International Association of Drilling Contractors

IAIN = International Association of Institutes of Navigation

IALA = International Association of Lighthouse Authorities

IAPH = International Association of Ports and Harbors

IASST = International Association for Sea Survival Training

IBC Code = International Code for the Construction and Equipment of Ships carrying Dangerous Chemicals in Bulk

IBCS = Integrated bridge control system

IBIA = International Bunker Industry Association

ICAB = International Cargo Advisory Bureau

ICAP = Installed Capacity

ICHCA = International Cargo Handling Coordination Association

ICoTA = Intervention and Coiled Tubing Association

ICS = Incident Command System

ICS = Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers

ICS = International Chamber of Shipping

ICV = Interval Control Valve

ID = Inner Diameter

IEA = International Energy Agency

IER = Incremental Energy Rate

IFO = Intermediate Fuel Oil

IFSMA = International Federation of Ship Masters' Associations

IFTPA = International Forest Product Transport Association

IGC Code = International Code for the Construction and Equipment of Ships carrying Liquefied Gases in Bulk

IGO = inter-governmental organization

IGS = inert gas system

IGU = International Gas Union

IHB = International Hydrographic Bureau

IHMA = International Harbor Masters' Association

IHO = International Hydrographic Organization

IHR = Incremental Heat Rate

IICL = Institute of International Container Lessors

IIMS = International Institute of Marine Surveyors

IIRT = Initial Incident Response Team

IJC = International Joint Commission

ILO = International Labor Organization

IMarE = Institute of Marine Engineers

IMB = International Maritime Bureau

IMDG Code = International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code

IMLA = International Maritime Lecturers Association

IMO = International Maritime Organization

IMPA = International Marine Purchasing Association

IMPA = International Maritime Pilots' Association

in = Inch

INC = Incident of Non-Compliance

Inmarsat = International Marine Satellite Organization

Intercargo = International Association fo Dry Cargo Ship-owners

INTERTANKO = International Association of Independent Tanker Owners

Invest UK = Inward investment promotion arm of BTI (formerly Invest in Britain Bureau)

IOLT = Institute of Logistics and Transport

IOPC = International Oil Pollution Fund

IPC = Installed Production Capacity

IPE = International Petroleum Exchange

IPO = Initial Public Offering

IPPC = Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control

IR = Inland Revenue

IRS = Indian Register of Shipping

ISDP = integrated ship design and production

ISF = International Shipping Federation

ISGOTT = International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals

ISM Code = International Safety Management Code

ISMA = International Ship Managers' Association

ISO = International Standards Organization

ISSA = International Ship Supplies Association

ISU = International Salvage Union

ITF = International Transport Workers Federation

ITL = Industry Leadership Team (part of PILOT)

ITOPF = International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation

IUA = International Underwriting Association

IWOCS = Installation and workover control system

JAS = Joint Association Survey

JIP = Joint industry project

JNCC = Joint Nature Conservation Committee

JOA = Joint operating agreement

JRP = Joint Review Panel

JU = Jackup

JV = Joint venture

kHz = Thousand Hertz (cycles per second)

KR (or KRS) = Korean Register of Shipping

KV = Kilovolt

KVA = Kilovolt-Ampere

KVNR = Dutch Register of Shipping

Kw = Kilowatt

KWH = Kilowatt-Hour

LACT = Liquid Automatic Custody Transfer

Lat =latitude

LAT = Lowest Astronomical Tide

LBP = Length between perpendiculars

LBS = lifeboat stations

LCB = longitudinal centre of buoyancy

LCD = Liquid crystal display

LCF = longitudinal centre of flotation

LDT = light displacement tonnage, lost during trans-shipment

LED = Light emitting diode

LEL = Lower explosive limit

LEM = lower explosive mixture

LEO = low earth orbit (satellite configuration)

LGR = Liquid Gas Ratio

LIFT = Licence Information for Trading

LKO = Lowest Known Oil

LMRP = Lower Marine Riser Package

LMT = local mean time

LMV = Lower Master Valve

LN = Land

LNG = Liquefied Natural Gas

LO = lubricating oil

LOA = Length over all

LOC = Letter of credit, letter of compliance (USCG)

LODF = Line Outage Distribution Factor

LOGIC = Leading Oil and Gas Industry Competitiveness

LOL = limitation of owner's liability

LOLE = Loss Of Load Expectation

LOLER = Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations

LOP = Line of position

LOR = Letter of readiness

LOS = Law of the Sea

LOS = Line of sight

LP = liquid petroleum

LP = Low Pressure

LP = low pressure

LPC = London Processing Centre

LPG = Liquefied Petroleum Gas

LR = Lloyd's Register

LRDP = Long Range Development Plan

LSA = life saving appliances

LSFO = Loss-Sulfur Fuel Oil

LSH = Level Safety High

LSL = Level Safety Low

LST = local standard time

LVI = Low Viscosity Index

LW = low water

LWD = Logging Whilst Drilling

LWL = length on water line

M = Meter

M/V = Mobile Vessel

Marisat = Maritime satellite system

MARPOL 73/78 = International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships

MARSEC = Maritime Security

MAWP = Maximum Actual Working Pressure

MAWP = Maximum Allowable Working Pressure

Mbbls = Thousand Barrels

Mbbls/d = Thousand Barrels per Day

Mbod = thousand barrels of oil per day

Mboe = Thousand Barrels of Oil Equivalent

Mboe/d = Thousand Barrels of Oil Equivalent per Day

MCA = Marine Coastguard Agency

MCC = Master Control Center

MCE = Maximum Credible Earthquakes

Mcf = Thousand Cubic Feet (of gas)

MCFD = Thousand Cubic Feet Per Day

MCFPD = One Thousand Cubic Feet of Gas Per Day

MD = Measured Depth

MDL = Methane Drainage Licence

MDO = Marine Diesel Oil

MDT = Modular formation Dynamic Tester

MEO = medium earth orbit (for satellite configuration)

MEPC = Marine Environment Protection Committee

MERSAR = Merchant Ship Search and Rescue Manual

Mgd = million gallons per day

MGN = Marine Guidance Note

MGO = Marine Gas Oil

Mgy = million gallons per year

MI = Mineral Interest

MIS = Management information system

MLLW = Mean Lower Low Water

MM = Million

MM = Mitigation Measure

MMbbl(s) = Million Barrels

MMbd = million barrels per day

MMboe = Million Barrels of Oil Equivalent

MMboepd (or mmboepd) = Millions of barrels of oil equivalent per day

mmBtu = Million British Thermal Units

MMcf = Million Cubic Feet

MMcf/d = Million Cubic Feet per Day

MMcfd = Million cubic feet day

MMCRP = Mitigation Monitoring and Compliance Reporting Program

MMP = Mitigation Monitoring Program

MMPA = Marine Mammals Protection Act

MMS = Minerals Management Service

MMscfd = million standard cubic feet per day

MMstb = million stock barrels

MNI = Member of the Nautical Institute

MO = Mobile

MODU = Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit

MOP = mobile offshore production

MOPU = Mobile Producing Unit

MOTEMS = Marine Oil Terminal Engineering and Maintenance Standards

MOU = Memorandum of Understanding

Mpd = thousand barrels per day

MPN = Most Probable Number

MRCC = maritime rescue coordination centre

MSC = Marine Safety Committee

MSDS = Materials Safety Data Sheet

MTLP = Mini Tension Leg Platform

MUX = Make Up Crossover [Crossover = X]

MVA = Megavolt-Amperes

MW = Megawatts

MWD = Measurement Whilst Drilling

N02 = Nitrogen dioxide

N0X = Nitrogen oxides

NAAQS = National Ambient Air Quality Standards

NAFTA = North American Free Trade Agreement

NAVTEX = navigational and meteorological warning broadcast service

NCOB = no cargo on board

NDT = non-destructive testing

NE = Northeast

NEB =National Energy Board

NFI = No Further Investment

NFTZ = non free trade zone

NG = Natural Gas

NGL = Natural Gas Liquids

NGO = Non-Governmental organisation

NHPV = Net Hydrocarbon Pore Volume

NI = The Nautical Institute

NIHQ = Nautical Institute Headquarters, London

NITC = Normal Incremental Transfer Capability

NK or NKK (or ClassNK) = Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (Japan's ship classification society)

NM = Nautical mile

NMEA = National Marine Electronics Association

NMFS = National Marine Fisheries Services (NOAA Fisheries)

NNR = national nature reserve

NO = nitric oxide

NOAA = National Marine and Atmospheric Administration

NOAA = National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

NOD = Notice of Determination

NOGEPA = Netherlands Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Association

NOI = Notice Of Inquiry

NOI = Notice Of Intent

NOP = Notice of Preparation

NOR = Notice of Readiness

NPD = Norwegian Petroleum Directorate

NPDES = National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System

NPREP = National Preparedness for Response Exercise Program

NPV = Net Present Value

NRC = National Response Center

NRI = Net Revenue Interest

NRV = Non Return Valve

NSA = Norwegian Shipowners' Association

NSDG = North Sea Decommissioning Group

NT = net tonnage

NTO = National Training Organization

NUMAST = National Union of Marine, Aviation & Shipping Transport Officers

NWI = Net Working Interest

NYMEX = New York Mercantile Exchange

O/B = on board

OBO = ore/bulk/oil carrier

OCA = Offshore Contractors Association

OCIMF = Oil Companies International Marine Forum

OCR = optical character recognition

OCS = Outer Continental Shelf

OCSLA = Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act

OD = Outer Diameter

ODT = Oil Down To

OECD = Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

OES = Office of Emergency Services

OG = Oil and Gas Directorate

OGITF = Oil & Gas Industry Task Force

OGML = Oil, Gas and Mineral Lease

OIAC = Oil Industry Advisory Committee

OLF = Norwegian Oil Industry Association

OMBO = One Man Bridge Operation

OOD = Officer of the deck

OOW = Officer of the watch

OPA 90 = US Oil Pollution Act of 1990

OPEC = Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries

OPEX = Operating Expenditure

OPITO = Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization

OPITO = The Oil & Gas Academy

OPPR = oil pollution preparedness and response

OPR = Office of Planning and Research

OPRC = International Convention on Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response and Co-operation

OPS = US Office of Pipeline Safety

ORRI = Overriding Royalty Interest

OSCP = Oil Spill Contingency Plan

OSHA = Occupational Safety and Health Administration

OSPAR = Oslo & Paris Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of North East Atlantic

OSPR = Oil Spill Prevention and Response

OSRA = Oil Spill Risk Analysis

OSRP = Oil Spill Response Plan

OSRV = Oil Spill Response Vessel

OSV = Offshore Support Vessel

OTO = Oil Taxation Office (of the Inland Revenue)

OWC = Oil Water Contact

P&I (or P and I) = Protection and Indemnity club

PAC = Pacific OCS Region

PAH = poly-aromatic hydrocarbons

Panamax = Ships able to transit, and allowed transit, of the Panama Canal

PBR = Polished Bore Receptacle

PBU = Pressure Build Up

PDG = Permanent Downhole Gauge

PE = Petroleum Engineer

PEDL = Petroleum Exploration & Development Licence

PF = Platform

PFD = position fixing device, personal floatation device

PGOR = Produced Gas Oil Ratio

PIANC = Permanent International Association of Navigation Congresses

PILOT = OGITF Successor

PINC = Potential Incident of Non-Compliance

PLB = personal locator beacon

PLEM = pipeline end manifold

PLT = Production Logging Tool

PM = particulate matter

PM10 = particulate matter less than 10 microns in diameter

PM2.5 = particulate matter less than 2.5 microns in diameter

PMS = planned maintenance system

POB = persons on board

POB = pilot on board

PON = Petroleum Operations Notice

POOH = Pull Out Of Hole

POOI = Pacific Operators Offshore Incorporated

POSVCM = Pipeline Oil Spill Volume Computer Model

POV = Pressure Operated Valves

PPB = parts per billion

PPE = Personal Protective Equipment

PPE = Personnel Protection Equipment

PPG = Pounds per gallon

PPM = parts per million

PRS = Polish Register of Shipping

PRT = Petroleum Revenue Tax

PSAC = Petroleum Services Association of Canada

PSC = port state control

PSD = Prevention of Significant Deterioration

PSE = Pressure Safety Element

PSH = Pressure Safety High

PSHL = Pressure Safety High/Low

PSI = Pounds per square inch

PSIA = Pounds Per Square Inch Atmospheric

PSIG = Points per square inch, gauge

PSL = Pressure Safety Low

PSL = Product Specification Level

PSV = Pressure Safety Valve

PTO = Permit to Operate

PUR = Plant Upset Report

PUWER = Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations

PV = pressure/vacuum

PVT = Pressure Volume Temperature

PW = Produced Water

PWRI = Produced Water Re-Injection

PWV = Production Wing Valve

QA = quality assurance

QC = quality control

QF = Qualifying Facility

QUAD = Quadrillion BTUs

R&D = Research and Development

RCC = Rescue coordination centre

RCCD = Reverse Circulation Centre Discharge

RCDS = Raster Chart Display Systems

RDF = Radio direction finder

RE = Reservoir Engineer

RENC = Regional Electronic Navigational Chart Coordinating Centre

RF = range finder

RF = radio frequency

RI = Royalty Interest

RINA = Registro Italiano Navale (Italian Register of Shipping)

RINA = Royal Institution of Naval Architects

RMT = National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers

RNC = Raster Navigational Chart

RNR = Romanian Maritime Register of Shipping

ROA = Return of Assets

ROB = remain on board (cargo, bunkers)

ROC = Reactive Organic Compounds

ROE = Return of Equity

ROFR = Right Of First Refusal

ROG = Reactive Organic Gases

ROI = Return On Investment

Ro-Ro = roll on/roll off

ROSF = Rincon Onshore Separation Facility

ROV = Remotely Operated Vehicle

ROW = Right of way

RPM = Revolutions Per Minute

RS = Russian Maritime Register of Shipping

RT (or R/T) = radio telegraph

RTCM = Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services

RTU = Remote Terminal Unit

RWQCB = Regional Water Quality Control Board

SAC = Special area of conservation

SAFE = Safety Award for Excellence

SAGE =Scottish Area Gas Evacuation

SAR = Search and Rescue

SARA = Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act

SART = search and rescue radar transponder

SAS = safety at sea

SBM = Synthetic base mud

SCADA = Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

SCBA = Self contained breathing apparatus

SCF = Standard Cubic Foot of natural gas

SCO = Standard Cost Obligation

SCOPIC = Special Compensation P&I Clause

SCR = Spot check report

SCR = Special Casualty Representative (P&I)

SCSSV = Surface Controlled Subsurface Safety

SD = Dynamic positioning semisubmersible

SDV = Shutdown Valve

SDW = Summer dead weight

SEAL = Shearwater-Elgin Area Line

SEC = US Securities and Exchange Commission

SEIR = Supplemental Environmental Impact Report

SEMI = Semisubmersible

SENC = System Electronic Navigational Chart

SES = Satellite earth station

SES = Seafarers' Education Service

SFEIS = Supplemental Final Environmental Impact Statement

SFV = Straight Fixed Variable

SHARP = Sustainable Hydrocarbons Additional Recovery Programme

SI = Shut In

SIC = Standard Industrial Classification

SIRE = Ship's inspection report: a database system of the OCIMF

SITP = Shut-in Tubing Pressure

Sjofartsverket = Swedish Register of Shipping, Swedish Maritime Administration

SMarT = Support for Maritime Training scheme

SMB = Santa Maria Basin

SMC = Safety management certificate

SMEs = Small and medium sized enterprises

SMS = Safety management system

SNG = Synthetic Natural Gas

SO2 = Sulfur dioxide

SO3 = Oxides of sulfur

SOC = Statement of Overriding Consideration

SOLAS = International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea

SOO = Suspension of Operation

SOP = Standard operating procedure

SOP = Suspension of Production

SOPEP = Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan

SOSREP = Secretary of State's Representative for Marine salvage and Intervention

SPA = Special protection area

SPAR = Floating production system

SPCC = Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure

SPCCP = Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plan

SPCP = Spill Prevention and Cleanup Plan

SPI = Ship-port interface

SPM = Single point mooring

SS = Semisubmersible

SS = Stainless Steel

SSANC = Fixed anchors or mooring piles

SSMNF = Subsea manifold

SSO = Ship security officer

SSRRC = System Safety and Reliability Review Committee

SSSL = Supplementary Seismic Survey Licence

SSSV = Subsurface Safety Valve

SSTMP = Subsea templates

SSV = Surface Safety Valve

STB = stock tank barrel

STCW = International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping

STOIIP = Stock Tank Oil Initially In Place

STOP = Safety Training Observation Program

SU = Submersible

SUBC = self-unloading bulk carrier

SW = Southwest

SWDW = Salt Water Disposal Well

SWL = Safe working load

TAC = Toxic Air Contaminants

TBOSIET = Tropical Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training

Tcf = Trillion Cubic Feet

TCR = Transition Cost Recovery

TD = Total Depth

TDS = total dissolved solids

TDU = Transmission Dependent Utility

TEU = Twenty feet equivalent unit

TF = Tropical fresh load line

TGOR = Total Gas Oil Ratio

THP = Tubing Hanger Pressure

TIMS = Technical Information Management System

TLL = timber load line

TLP = Tension Leg Platform

TOU = Time-Of-Use

TPI = Tones per inch immersion

TPIC = Terminal Person in Charge

TQM = Total quality management

TRSCSSSV = Tubing Retrievable Surface Controlled Sub-Surface Safety Valve

TRSCSSV = Tubing Retrievable Surface Controlled Sub-Surface Valve

TSE = Temperature Safety Element

TSH = Temperature Safety High

TSS’s = Traffic Separation Schemes

TTC = Total Transfer Capability

TTRD = Through Tubing Rotary Drilling

TVD = True Vertical Depth

TVDSS = True Vertical Depth Sub Sea

USC = United States Code

UBS = Universal bulk ship

UEL = Upper explosive limit

UFC = Uniform Fire Code

UFL = Upper flammable limit

UKCS = United Kingdom Continental Shelf

UKLPG = Industry association formed from the LP Gas Association (LPGA) and the Association for Liquid Gas & Equipment Distributors (ALGED)

UKOOA = United Kingdom Offshore Operators Association

UKPIA = United Kingdom Petroleum Industry Association Limited

ULBC = ultra large bulk carrier

ULCC = ultra large crude carrier

UMS = Universal Measurement System

UMV = Upper Master Valve

UN = United Nations

UNCLOS = United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea

USCG = United States Coast Guard

USDA = US Department of Agriculture

USDOI = US Department of Interior

USDOT = US Department of Transportation

USEPA = US Environmental Protection Agency

USFWS = US Fish and Wildlife Service

USGS = US Geological Survey

UTC = Universal time (coordinated)

UV = ultra-violet

VCG = vertical centre of gravity

VDR = Voyage data recorder

VDU = visual display unit

VIR = Value Investment Ratio

VLBC = Very large bulk carrier

VLCC = Very large crude carrier

VOC = Volatile Organic Compound

VP = vapour pressure

VPP = Variable pitch propeller

VPS = Velocity Seismic Profile

VRP = Vessel response plan

VRR = Voidage Replacement Ratio

VRS = Vapor Recovery System

VRU = Vapor Recovery Unit

VTIS = Vessel traffic information system

VTMS = Vessel traffic management services

VTS = Vessel traffic service/system

VTSS = Vessel traffic separation scheme

WACOG = Weighted Average Cost Of Gas

WAG = Water Alternating Gas

WC = Watercut

WCD = Worst-case discharge

WDP = Waste Discharge Permit

WDR’s = Waste discharge requirements

WEG = Wireline Entry Guide

WEND = World Electronic Navigation Database

WHM = Wellhead maintenance

WHO = World Health Organisation

WHP = Wellhead Pressure

WHRU = Waste Heat Recovery Unit

WI = Water Injection

WI = Working Interests

WIS = Wave Information Study

WL = water line

WMO = World Meteorological Organization

WMU = World Maritime University

WP = Well Protector

WPI = Wholesale Price Index

WQC = Water Quality Certificate

WRSCSSV = Wireline Retrievable Surface Controlled Sub-Surface Valve

WSCA = Well Services Contractors Association

WT = watertight

WTI = West Texas Intermediate

WTP = Willingness to Pay

WY = Water Year

ZD = zone description