Capt. Tiếu Văn Kinh

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BÀI 24

(Chọn đáp án phù hợp điền vào chổ trống)

210] A stage should only be rigged ______.

A. over the bow or stern of a vessel           B. over the flat sides of a vessel

C. over the open water                     D. over the dockside

[211] A stand-on vessel in a crossing situation is allowed to take action when ______.

A. on a collision course                    B. the vessels will pass within one mile

C. it becomes apparent to her that the give-way vessel is not taking appropriate action

D. the relative speed of the vessels indicates collision in less than six minutes

[212] A stand-on vessel is ______.

A. required to give way in a crossing situation

B. required to sound the first passing signal in a meeting situation

C. free to maneuver in any crossing or meeting situation as it has the right-of-way

D. required to maintain course and speed in a crossing situation but may take action to avoid collision

[213] A stopper is ______.

A. a short length of line used for temporarily holding another line

B. a snatch block for handling a topping lift

C. an engine order telegraph                  D. the brake on a cargo winch

[214] A stopper used in securing the ground tackle for sea that consists of a grab attached to a turnbuckle is a ______.

A. riding pawl       B. buckler       C. devil’s claw       D. locking ring

[215] A storm is forecast for area where your vessel is moored. For its safety you should put_____

A. more slack in the mooring lines           B. a strain on the mooring lines

C. chafing gear on the mooring lines          D. grease on the mooring lines

[216] A storm’s track is characterized by all of the following except ______.

A. the direction the storm has come from      B. the direction in which the storm is moving

C. the speed at which the storm is moving      D. the path taken by the storm

[217] A strong back refers to a ______.

A. bar securing a cargo port  B. centerline vertical bulkhead  C. deep beam   D. spanner stay

[218] A sufficient amount of chain must be veered when anchoring a vessel to ensure ______.

A. the vessel has enough room to swing while at anchor

B. the anchor flukes bite into ocean bottom

C. there is a sufficient scope of chain to keep the anchor on the bottom

D. there is more chain out than there is in the chain locker

[219] A survival craft being used to pick up a person who has fallen overboard from a vessel should approach the person______.

A. at a high rate of speed     B. under oars    C. against the wind    D. with the wind

Ans: 210C/211C/212D/213A/214C/215C/216C/217A/218B/219C